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In the world-wide network of shops Morellato's products are shown in exceptionally attractive way. In all world-wide known shopping centers Morellato Group's unique shops could be found.

The distinguished for their style, design, and at the same time offer big variety of jewellery and accessories. Now Bulgaria too is up to the world trends, in TZUM's  ground  floor you can enjoy the official counter of Morellato Group, where the following Italian brands are offered Morellato - Gioielli da vivere, Miss Sixty jewels, Just Cavalli jewels, Cavalli Time, Sector-Jewels in Action, Sector Sport Watches.

easy chic world wants to satisfy your dream of owning a precious object, of indulging in the luxury of elegant, fascinating objects every day.

Chic jewels to wear with joy and freedom, made extraordinary by glamour and fantasy so that every moment becomes unique.

Create jewels, watches, writing instruments and accessories that interpret the lifestyles of modern men and women.

Take on new challenges and offer elegant, innovative products, choose materials with greatest care, guarantee the finest quality of every aspect and detail: these are Morellato's fundamental values.


Seventy-five years of continuous growth and evolution. The story of M.G. started in 1930 as a small craftsman's shop producing watch straps, the first company in Europe to do so. The Group marches along the route of development through the years.

2000:the jewels

In the line with the strategy of innovation and development implemented by the Group, in the year 2000 Morellato started evolving, eventually becoming synonymous with ready-to wear jewellery that is accessible to everyone and can be worn every day. A collection of "fashion" jewellery that interprets the latest consumer trends and favoured the fashion side and the chic styling of everyday life was created.


2003 was the year in which Morellato Group first introduced a range of designer objects for the home, creations born of the genius of renowned Italian and foreign designers and promising young stylists.

2005: leather goods and pens

Originating from a powerful and innovative idea, as that of the Easy Chic jewels has proven to be, Morellato has now created a range of small leather goods and pens.

These creations appear as a further interpretation of the concept of accessible luxury and fashion that Morellato communicates to the contemporary consumer, thereby reinforcing and introducing innovation to the brand.


At the BaselWorld 2006, the international watch and jewellery Trade Fair, Morellato unveiled its first collection of watches. Creations that bring the innovative idea of Morellato jewellery into the universe of the watches: the contemporary, accessible luxury.



BIANCA - Spring/Summer 2011

It is time to look ahead to the summer collection of bianca, where high-quality, lightweight fabrics and flowing styles are just as important as the individual choice of colours and the designer details. [more]